K Map or Karnaugh Map

Simplification of Boolean expressions is an important step while designing any digital system. Karnaugh Maps or K-maps is one among such simplification technique, introduced by Maurice Karnaugh in 1953, which is graphical in nature. This method of minimizing the logical expressions is most suitable when the number of variables involved is less than or equal … Read more

Simplifying Boolean Expression using K Map

Minterm Solution of K Map The following are the steps to obtain simplified minterm solution using K-map. Step 1: Initiate Express the given expression in its canonical form Step 2: Populate the K-map Enter the value of ‘one’ for each product-term into the K-map cell, while filling others with zeros. Step 3: Form Groups Consider … Read more

OR Operation | Logical OR Operation

It is one of the important logical operation useful in Boolean algebra and other electronics devices. In real life there are several Integrated Circuits (IC) where the concept of OR Operation or Boolean OR operation is used. Though in these types of circuits logical gates are used but still input and are dependent on the … Read more

AND Operation | Logical AND Operation

This operation is also a very important in logical operation in digital electronics. In other words Logical AND operation is also known as Boolean AND operation. AND operation is different from OR operation. Like Logical OR operation this is also very useful in digital circuits and arithmetical solves. There are several I.Cs where the concept … Read more

Truth Tables for Digital Logic

Truth tables list the output of a particular digital logic circuit for all the possible combinations of its inputs. This means that these truth tables can be used to deduce the logical expression for the given digital circuit. Logic gate questions are a great way to test your knowledge on the topic of truth tables. … Read more