NOR Gate

NOR gate means NOT OR gate. In a NOR gate an OR gate is inverted through a NOT gate. Actually an inverted OR operation is NOR operation and the logic gate performs this operation is called NOR gate. A NOT gate followed by an OR gate makes a NOR gate. The basic logic construction of … Read more

Digital Logic Gates

Digital logic gate is an electronic component which results in a particular output after implementing its logic on the input signals. These serve as the basic building blocks of any digital system irrespective of its complexity. Digital logic gates (Figure 1) can be categorized into two types. Basic Gates NOT gate has one input and … Read more

Logical OR Gate

OR gate performs logical OR operation which means outputs is logical 1 if at least one of the inputs is 1. Just like AND gate an OR gate may also have two or any more numbers of inputs but only one output. Only if all of the inputs are only in low state or logical … Read more

X OR Gate and X NOR Gate

Modulo sum of two variables in binary system is like this, The gate performs this modulo sum operation without including carry is known as XOR gate. An XOR gate is normally two inputs logic gate where, output is only logical 1 when only one input is logical 1. When both inputs are equal, that is … Read more


When output of an AND gate is inverted through a NOT gate, the operation is called NAND operation. The logic gate which performs this NAND operation is called NAND gate. A NOT gate followed by an AND gate makes a NAND gate. The basis logical construction of the NAND gate is shown below, The symbol … Read more

NOT Gate

NOT gate is a logical gate which only inverts the input digital signal. This is why, a NOT gate sometimes is referred as inverter. A NOT gate always have high or logical 1 output when its input is low or logical 0. On the other hand a logical NOT gate always have low or logical … Read more

Logical AND Gate

In digital electronics there are several logical gates which work or operate on different logical operations, say logical addition, logical multiplication etc. AND Gate is a logical gate which is widely used having two or more inputs and a single output. This gate works or operates on logical multiplication rules. In this gate if either … Read more

Universal Gate | NAND and NOR Gate as Universal Gate

We have discussed different types of logic gates in previous articles. Now coming to the topic of this article we are going to discuss the Universal Gate. AND, NOT and OR gates are the basic gates; we can create any logic gate or any Boolean expression by combining them. Now NOR gate and NAND gates … Read more

Some Common Applications of Logic Gates

During the course of discussion about various digital logic gates, we have mainly discussed about the design, property and operation of them. In this article we will look at various applications of logic gates. Their applications are determined mainly based upon their truth table i.e. their mode of operations. In the following discussion we will … Read more

Schmitt Gates

We have discussed various types of logic gates, finally we are going to discuss about another type of gate that is Schmitt Gates. The logic gates about which we have discussed till now have a single input threshold voltage level. For low to high and high to low output transitions this threshold is the same … Read more