Diode and Transistor NAND Gate or DTL NAND Gate and NAND Gate ICs

Realizing NAND Gate using Diode and Transistor For simplicity we will show here only two inputs NAND gate circuit by using diodes and transistors. This NAND gate is called DTL NAND gate or Diode Transistor Logical NAND Gate. When both input A and B are given with 0 V, both of the diodes are in … Read more

Fan Out of Logic Gates

During the discussion about various topics of digital electronics we have known about various types of logic gates and their design and methods of operation. Now we will discuss about the term Fan out which is related to the logic gates that means Fan out of Logic Gates. Now it is a very common phenomenon … Read more

Transistor Transistor Logic or TTL

The full form of TTL is Transistor Transistor Logic. This is a logic family which is mainly build up of NPN transistors, PN junction diodes and diffused resistors. The basic building block of this logic family is NAND gate and there are various subfamilies of this logic gate those are standard TTL, advanced Schottky TTL, … Read more

NMOS Logic and PMOS Logic

Logic families discussed so far are the ones that are commonly used for implementing discrete logic functions such as logic gates, flip flops, counters, multiplexers, demultiplexers etc., in relatively less complex digital ICs belonging to the small-scale integration (SSI) and medium-scale integration (MSI) level of inner circuit complexities. The TTL, the CMOS and the ECL … Read more

Logic Families Significance and Types of Logic Families

Different circuit configurations and production technologies are used during the production of digital integrated circuits. Each of these approaches is called a specific Logic Families. Now the idea of having different approaches or different logic families is that each ICs of same family when fabricated will have identical electrical characteristics. The characteristics which are bound … Read more