Johnson Counter

A circuit which is used to count the number of times an event occurs is called a counter. In digital sense, these circuits comprise of bi-stable devices called flip-flops arranged in a particular fashion. Such a chain can be regarded to be a shift register, due to which counters can be considered as an application … Read more

Ring Counter

A counter is nothing but a digital device meant to count. These are usually built using bi-stable devices called flip-flops. Generally either D or JK type flip-flops are used to design the counters, no matter which type they are of applies even for ring counter. In fact, the way of connection which exists between the … Read more

Basic Digital Counter

Counter is an electronic circuit used to count the number of times an event occurs. In digital electronics counters are constructed using series of flip-flops. Although any flip-flop can be suitably connected to form a counter, most widely used are D and JK flip-flops (Figure 1). As known, flip-flops are bi-state devices, meaning they have … Read more