Half Adder Circuit And Truth Table

A Half Adder is defined as a basic four terminal digital device which adds two binary input bits. It outputs the sum binary bit and a carry binary bit. As we have defined above, a half adder is a simple digital circuit used to digitally add two binary bits. A binary bit is either 0 … Read more

Digital Comparator

Suppose we have two binary numbers which we have to compare according to their magnitude. One number of these two numbers can either be greater, equal or smaller than the other number. The digital circuit which performs this comparison task between binary numbers is called digital comparator. For understanding better let us consider two single … Read more

Johnson Counter

A circuit which is used to count the number of times an event occurs is called a counter. In digital sense, these circuits comprise of bi-stable devices called flip-flops arranged in a particular fashion. Such a chain can be regarded to be a shift register, due to which counters can be considered as an application … Read more

Binary to Gray Code Converter

The logical circuit which converts binary code to equivalent gray code is known as binary to gray code converter. The gray code is a non weighted code. The successive gray code differs in one bit position only that means it is a unit distance code. It is also referred as cyclic code. It is not … Read more

Ring Counter

A counter is nothing but a digital device meant to count. These are usually built using bi-stable devices called flip-flops. Generally either D or JK type flip-flops are used to design the counters, no matter which type they are of applies even for ring counter. In fact, the way of connection which exists between the … Read more

Binary to BCD Code Converter

BCD is binary coded decimal number, where each digit of a decimal number is respected by its equivalent binary number. That means, LSB of a decimal number is represented by its equivalent binary number and similarly other higher significant bits of decimal number are also represented by their equivalent binary numbers. For example, BCD Code … Read more

Keyboard Encoder

A keyboard encoder is basically decimal to 8-4-2-1 BCD encoder. The truth table for decimal to BCD conversion can be represented like as follows, From the above truth table it is cleared that, the logical circuit of this keyboard encoder must have 10 input parts (0 to 9) and four output parts. A, B, C … Read more

Digital to Analog Converter or DAC

Op amp is extensively used as main building block of digital to analog convertor. Digital to analog convertor is an electronics device in form of IC, which converts digital signal to its equivalent analog signal. The DAC can be realized in many ways. One of the popular digital to analog convertor circuit is binary weighted … Read more

Digital Encoder or Binary Encoder

When we insert any character or symbol to a digital system, through key board, it is needed to be encoded in machine readable farm. Digital systems like computer etc, cannot read the characters or symbol directly. The system reads and computes any characters, numbers and symbols in their digital form. An encoder does the job … Read more

NOR Gate

NOR gate means NOT OR gate. In a NOR gate an OR gate is inverted through a NOT gate. Actually an inverted OR operation is NOR operation and the logic gate performs this operation is called NOR gate. A NOT gate followed by an OR gate makes a NOR gate. The basic logic construction of … Read more