Pulse Rate Measurement

When heart muscles contract, ventricles eject blood and a pressure is transmitted along the circulatory system. When the pressure travels through vessels, it causes vessel displacement. The displacement is measurable at various points in circulatory system. This pulse is felt when fingertip is placed over the radial artery on the wrist or other location where … Read more

Types of Defibrillators

Two types of defibrillators are showing below. AC defibrillators DC defibrillators AC Defibrillators AC defibrillator is the oldest and simplest type. The construction of AC defibrillator is such that appropriate values are available for internal and external defibrillation. In AC defibrillation, a shock of 50 Hz a.c frequency is applied to the chest for a … Read more


What is Fibrillation? When heart pumps blood through heart muscles, they spread over atria and makes the heart chambers to contract together. The condition at which synchronization of heart muscle is lost is known as fibrillation. During this fibrillation condition, the normal rhythmic contraction of atria and ventricles does not occur. They are replaced with … Read more