Peritoneal Dialysis

In this method, the abdomen of the patient acts as semipermeable membrane. A catheter is inserted into the abdomen. Around 1.5 to 2 liters of dialysate solution is passed into the abdomen cavity. The process of diffusion takes place for 30 minutes, after which the dialysate solution is removed from the abdomen. The same procedure … Read more


When a person does not have normal kidney functioning, he is given a treatment. Dialysis is the medical treatment given for kidney failures. It helps to collect the waste products from blood and removes it. It also restores the normal pH value of blood with help of artificial kidney machine. Three important process in dialysis … Read more

Renal Functioning of Kidney

When a person has problem in natural kidney functioning artificial kidney machine is used. The process of removing impurities from blood is called hemodialysis. Renal Function of Kidney Waste products are formed in the body during bodily metabolism. So, natural kidneys are used to remove those wastes. Single kidney has the capability to clear the … Read more