Fetal Heart Rate Measurement Using Doppler Ultrasound Technique

Fetus blood-flow detector uses Doppler shift principle for obstetric applications. It measures the fetus heart rate from the blood flow signals and displays them. For obstetric applications, frequency range of 2 to 2.5 MHz is employed. Whereas, to study the blood flow in artery and vein frequency of 5 to 10 MHz is utilized. Maximum … Read more

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Techniques

In the labor ward fetal heart rate, monitoring is done at an intermittent basis for every 15 minutes. Earlier it was done using Pinard stethoscope. However, fetal heartbeat during contractions was missed when using this method. So, latest technologies were implemented. Cardiotocograph During labor, fetus condition is understood from the fetal heart rate. Recording of … Read more

Neonatal Incubator

Incubators An infant incubator is used to maintain baby’s body temperature at 37oC. Recent days incubators are present in all pediatric hospitals, neonatal units and birth centers. Therefore, it is an apparatus, which provides a suitable environmental condition for newborn babies. It provides a closed and controlled environment for babies. It circulates heated air over … Read more