Hospital Lighting

Main Purpose of Hospital Lighting We know that good Illumination promotes The safety of the people who are using the building; Work and other activities carried out within the building comfortably; It creates a pleasing environment conducive to interest of the occupants ; It creates a sense of their well-being. Main Objective of Hospital Lighting … Read more

Factors to Consider in Interior Lighting Design

General Interior Lighting in Past and Present We know electric lighting in the early days when school rooms, offices and other general work areas were lighted by prismatic or translucent globes. These were suspended from the ceiling and housing incandescent lamps in such a way that such units provided lumens both directly and indirectly to … Read more

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel lighting is necessary to solve the problem of abrupt adaptability of the environment inside the tunnel. It is necessary to balance the adaptability of the inside and outside luminance for the person entering or exiting the tunnel. This design is based on certain critical length of the tunnel. Why Tunnel Lighting is Needed? At … Read more

Basic Theory of Light

Light is nothing but electromagnetic radiation that creates visual sensation on human eyes. Although all electromagnetic radiations cannot create sensation on our eyes but within some specific range of radiation it can be observed by human eyes and this is called light. So definition of light can be written as the electromagnetic radiations which create … Read more

Light Luminaires

A luminaire by definition is a complete lighting unit. It consists of a lamp or lamps together with the parts designed to electrically operate and control the lamp. It is used To distribute light To control the light To position light To protect the lamps physically To connect the lamps to the power source. For … Read more

Flood Lights Luminaire

What is Flood Light Luminaire? Flood light luminaire is the luminaire that covers wide range surface with broad angle of projection. What is the main difference between Flood Light Luminaire and Road Light Luminaire? The main difference between the flood light and the other luminaire used in road lighting is the former aiming direction with … Read more

Daylighting Design And Analysis

What is Daylighting? Daylighting is defined as the practice of optimizing the placement and construction of windows, skylights, and reflective surfaces so that direct & indirect sunlight (direct or indirect) can provide effective internal lighting. Particular attention is given to daylighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximize visual comfort or to … Read more

Road Lighting Design

Road lighting design scheme must be robust such that viewers can feel easy to continue their movement on the road and through the road in a safe level. Road lighting scheme never brings the day light appearance. Only moving objects must be caught in perfect visual sensation by the viewers due to a perfect design … Read more

Glare in Road Lighting System

Glare is the visual dis-comfortability of human eyes due to improper level of luminance distribution of the luminaire to view an object. Glare can be classified into two types, Disability Glare Discomfort Glare Disability Glare Disability glare makes human eyes disable to see any object for a little while. For an example, when we look … Read more