Materials Used for Heating Elements

Many heating equipment’s or appliances such as electric furnace, electric oven, electric heaters etc. utilizes the electrical energy to produce the heat. In these equipment’s or appliance heating element is used to convert the electrical energy in the form of heat. The working of heating elements is based on heating effect of electric current. When … Read more

Materials for Lamp Filaments

The filament is an important part of incandescent lamp. The life of an incandescent lamp, depends on its filament. The filament material must have following merits- High melting point. Low vapour pressure. Free from oxidation in inert gas (i.e. argon, nitrogen etc.) medium at operating temperature. High resistivity. Low thermal coefficient of expansion. Low temperature … Read more

Materials used for Rheostats

Rheostats are variable resistors or adjustable resistors. They are used to divide the voltage or control the current through a circuit. Rheostats are often used as power control devices – for example to control the speed of an electric motor, to control light intensity (make them brighter or dimmer), to control the temperature in electric … Read more