Impedance Parameters or Z Parameters

The input and output of a two port network can either be voltage or current. If the network is voltage driven, that can be represented as shown below. If the network is driven by current, that can be represented as shown below. From, both of the figures above, it is clear that, there are only … Read more

Admittance Parameters or Y Parameters

In the case of impedance parameter or Z parameter we express voltage in the term of current by the following equations. Similarly, we can represent current in terms of voltage bt admittance parameters of a two port network. Then we will represent the current voltage relations as, This can also be represented in matrix form … Read more

Two Port Network

The electrical network has one pair terminals as input and another pair terminals as output, is referred as two port network. The figure below shows a two port network. A single phase transformer is an ideal example of two port network. When an electrical signal is applied across the input ports, there would be an … Read more

Hybrid Parameters or h Parameters

Hybrid parameters (also known as h parameters) are known as ‘hybrid’ parameters as they use Z parameters, Y parameters, voltage ratio, and current ratios to represent the relationship between voltage and current in a two port network. H parameters are useful in describing the input-output characteristics of circuits where it is hard to measure Z … Read more