Op Amp Circuit

Operational amplifier or Op Amp as they are generally called are linear DC amplifiers. An op amp is a three terminal device, one called the inverting terminal, one non-inverting terminal and the other is called the output terminal. Below, you can see a pin diagram of a typical Op amp. An ideal Op amp has … Read more

Applications of Op Amp

A linear amplifier like an op amp has many different applications. It has a high open loop gain, high input impedance and low output impedance. It has high common mode rejection ratio. Due to these favourable characteristics, it is used for different application. In this article, we are discussing some of the most prominent uses … Read more

Op Amp Characteristics

Operational amplifier or op amps as they are usually referred are linear devices that can give ideal DC amplification. They are fundamentally voltage amplifying devices used with external feedback components like resistors or capacitors. An op amp is a three terminal device, with one terminal called the inverting input, other the non-inverting input and the … Read more

Difference Amplifier or Op Amp Subtractor

A difference amplifier or op amp subtractor is a specially designed op amp based amplifier circuit, which amplifies the difference between two input signals and rejects any signals common to both inputs. Let us consider the above op amp circuit. Now, by applying Kirchhoff Current Law at node 1, we get, We have written this … Read more

Op amp 741 IC or Operational Amplifier 741 IC

The operational amplifier or op amp is an electronic device or element, that behaves like a voltage controlled voltage source. An op amp is a complex electronic device, which consists of resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. It is commercially available in integrated circuit form. Most commonly available and used op amp IC is IC 741. … Read more

Non Inverting Operational Amplifier | Non Inverting Op Amp

Non inverting amplifier is an op amp based amplifier with positive voltage gain. A non inverting operational amplifier or non inverting op amp uses op amp as main element. The op amp has two input terminals (pins). One is inverting denoted with minus sign (-), and other is non-inverting denoted with a positive sign (+). … Read more

Negative Feedback in Op amp and Closed Loop Gain of Op amp

Negative Feedback in Op Amp We obtain Negative feedback in an op amp by connecting output terminal of an op amp to its inverting input terminal through a suitable resistance as shown below.The gain of an op amp with negative feedback is called closed loop gain. Closed Loop Gain of Op Amp When we connect … Read more

Ideal Operational Amplifier or Ideal Op Amp

We know that, the input resistance of an op amp must be very high where as the output resistance should be quite low. An op amp should also have very high open loop gain. In ideal cases, the input resistance and open loop gain of an op amp should be infinity whereas the output resistance … Read more

Summing Amplifier or Op Amp Adder

An op amp is an amplifier. But an op amp can also perform summing operation. We can design an op amp circuit to combine number of input signals and to produce single output as a weighted sum of input signals. Summing amplifier is basically an op amp circuit that can combine numbers of input signal … Read more