What is Incidence Matrix?

Incidence matrix is that matrix which represents the graph such that with the help of that matrix we can draw a graph. This matrix can be denoted as [AC] As in every matrix, there are also rows and columns in incidence matrix [AC]. The rows of the matrix [AC] represent the number of nodes and … Read more

Cutset Matrix Concept of Electric Circuit

When we talk of cut set matrix in graph theory, we generally talk of fundamental cut-set matrix. A cut-set is a minimum set of branches of a connected graph such that when removed these branches from the graph, then the graph gets separated into 2 distinct parts called sub-graphs and the cut set matrix is … Read more

Trees and Cotrees of Electric Network

A tree of electric network is set of branches which is a set of branches which contains all the nodes of the network but does not form any closed path. Let us explain the tree of electric network as defined above. The above figure-1, shows an electric network with five nodes 1,2,3,4 and 5. Now, … Read more