Active And Passive Components in Electronics

Active and passive components form the two main types of electronic circuit elements. An active component supplies energy to an electric circuit, and hence has the ability to electrically control the flow of charge. A passive component can only receive energy, which it can either dissipate or absorb. Types of Electronic Components Electronic elements that … Read more

Dual Network

Two electrical network are said to be dual, if the mesh equations of one is the node equation of other. The dual network are based on Kirchhoff Current Law and Kirchhoff Voltage Law. Applying Kirchhoff Voltage Law in the network A, above we get, Applying Kirchhoff Current Law in the network B, above we get, … Read more

Electric Circuit or Electrical Network

The interconnection of various active and passive components in a prescribed manner to form a closed path is called an electric circuit. The system in which electric current can flow from the source to the load and then back to the other terminal of the source is referred to as an electric circuit. The main parts … Read more

Nodes, Branches and Loops of a Circuit

An electric circuit based on three concepts, namely, node, branch and loop. As per definition, an electric network is a combination of interconnected circuit elements. A network may or may not provide closed path to the electric current to flow. But, an electrical circuit may be a combination of one or more networks which gives … Read more

Planar and Non Planar Graphs of Circuit

Graph theory plays very crucial role in understanding of complicated electrical circuits. Now what that actually means is a circuit consisting of more than six loops are very complicated to handle manually with pen and paper. If we have computer with multisim then it becomes a easy to handle task but without computer task become … Read more

Construction of AC Circuits and Working of AC Circuits

Bridge circuit is nothing but the electrical circuit configuration which is used to measure unknown values of the resistance, impedance, induction, and capacitance. Many bridges like Wheatstone bridge, Maxwell Bridge, Kelvin Bridge, and many more are very useful to measure quantities with accuracy and working on the same principle. Here is a brief description of … Read more

Electrical DC Series and Parallel Circuit

Electrical DC Circuit Definition of Electrical Circuit An electrical circuit is a combination of two or more electrical components which are interconnected by conducting paths. The components may be active or inactive or both. This is a very basic definition of electrical circuit. DC Circuit There are two types of electricity – direct current and … Read more