Network Analysis or Circuit Analysis

Network Analysis is a process by which we can calculate different electrical parameters of a circuit element connected in an electrical network. An electrical circuit or network can be complicated too and in a complicated network, we have to apply different methods to simplify the network for determining the electrical parameters. The circuit elements in … Read more

Nodal Analysis in Electric Circuits

Definition of Nodal Analysis Nodal analysis is a method that provides a general procedure for analyzing circuits using node voltages as the circuit variables. Nodal Analysis is also called the Node-Voltage Method. Some Features of Nodal Analysis are as Nodal Analysis is based on the application of the Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL). Having ‘n’ nodes … Read more

Source Transformation (Voltage & Current)

Electrical source transformation is a method of replacing voltage source in a circuit by its equivalent current source and current source by its equivalent voltage source. The source transformation technique is required to simplify an electric circuit for analysis. Let us take a simple voltage source along with a resistance connected in series with it. … Read more

Electric Current and Voltage Division Rule

Current Division Rule When current flows through more than one parallel paths, each of the paths shares a definite porion of the total current depending upon the impedance of that path. The definite portion of total current shared by any of the parallel paths can easily be calculated if the impedance of that path and … Read more

Single and Multi Mesh Analysis

The word mesh means a smallest loop which is closed one and formed by using circuit components. The mesh must not have any other loop inside it. Like the other network analysis procedures, we can use Mesh Analysis to find out the voltage, current or power through a particular element or elements. Mesh analysis is … Read more

Star To Delta Conversion Formula (Delta to Wye)

Three branches in an electrical network can be connected in numbers of forms but most common among them is either star or delta form. In delta connection, three branches are so connected, that they form a closed loop. As these three branches are connected nose to tail, they form a triangular closed loop, this configuration … Read more