The Schrödinger Equation

What is the Schrodinger Equation The Schrödinger equation is a partial differential equation that describes the dynamics of quantum mechanical systems via the wave function. The trajectory, the positioning, and the energy of these systems can be retrieved by solving the Schrödinger equation. All of the information for a subatomic particle is encoded within a … Read more

Energy Quanta | Development of Quantum Physics

Energy quanta is one of the fundamentals of the much heard of Quantum Physics. To understand it better, we would first understand the need of this new physics. The already established and much famous Newtonian Physics or the Classical Physics did indeed answer a lot of questions bothering the mankind, but it had its own … Read more

Wave Particle Duality Principle

With the development of Photoelectric effect, Crompton’s effect and Bohr’s model of atom, the idea of light or in fact radiations in general, being composed of particles or discrete Quanta was gaining wide popularity. However, the very established Huygen’s Principle and the results of Young’s double slit experiments made it very clear that light was … Read more

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Introduction to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle The uncertainty principle is one of the more interesting and consequential outcomes of the statistical nature of quantum mechanics. The most famous realisation of the uncertainty principle states that one cannot measure with absolute certainty the position and momentum of a quantum system. This is the most common realisation … Read more