Self Induction and Self Inductance and Derivation of Inductance

Self Induction Self induction is a phenomenon by which a changing electric current produces an induced emf across the coil itself. Self Inductance Self inductance is the ratio of induced electromotive force (EMF) across a coil to the rate of change of current through the coil. We denote self inductance or coefficient of with English … Read more

What is Inductor and Inductance | Theory of Inductor

What is Inductor? If a time varying current flowing through a coil there is an emf induced in it. The induced emf across the coil is directly proportional to the rate of change of current with respect to time. Due to the property inducing emf, all types of electrical coil can be referred as inductor. … Read more

Mutual Induction and Mutual Inductance with Dot Convention

Definition of Mutual induction Mutual induction is a phenomenon when a coil gets induced in EMF across it due to rate of change current in adjacent coil in such a way that the flux of one coil current gets linkage of another coil. Definition of Mutual Inductance Mutual Inductance is the ratio between induced emf … Read more

Series and Parallel Inductors with Effects of Mutual Induction

When inductors are connected in series the equivalent inductance of the combination will be the simple sum of the inductance of all individual inductors. This is just like the equivalent resistance of series connected resistors. But in the case of inductors, we sometimes may have to consider the effect of mutual inductance between the inductors. … Read more