Parallel Plate Capacitor

A parallel plate capacitor is an arrangement of two metal plates connected in parallel separated from each other by some distance. A dielectric medium occupies the gap between the plates. The dielectric medium can be air, vacuum or some other non conducting material like mica, glass, paper wool, electrolytic gel and many others. The dielectric … Read more

Electrolytic Capacitor

An electrolytic capacitor is a special type of capacitor which uses an electrolyte for achieving higher capacitance ranging from 1uF to 50mF value, unlike other capacitors. An electrolyte is a solution having a high concentration of ions in it. Aluminium electrolytic capacitor, tantalum electrolytic capacitor and niobium electrolytic capacitor are three class of electrolytic capacitors … Read more

Ceramic Capacitor

The most commonly used capacitor in an electronic circuit is Ceramic Capacitor due to small physical size and large charge storage capability. The capacitor which uses ceramic as a dielectric medium called a ceramic capacitor. We call the ceramic capacitors the “workhorses” of high-frequency capacitors. It is polarity less capacitor, and hence no polarity marking … Read more

Cylindrical Capacitor

Capacitance of a Cylindrical Power Cable Electrical Power Cable is a very popular example of cylindrical capacitor. In a power cable, there is a conductor at the center surrounding which there is insulating layer. Outer surface of the cable is generally covered with metallic cover which is grounded. Let us also consider, at any instant … Read more

Spherical Capacitor

Let us consider a charged metallic sphere of radius r, placed in the air or any other dielectric medium without touching the earth. We may also consider that, the sphere is charged with Q coulomb, and the relative permittivity of air or medium in which the sphere is placed is εr. Now as per definition, … Read more