Questions on JFET or Junction Field Effect Transistor

What is pinch off voltage in junction field effect transistor (JFET)?

It is minimum drain to source voltage in Junction Field Effect Transistor where Id (drain current) enters in to the saturation, in this region JFET acts as a constant current source. Pinch of voltage (Vp) is a function of Vgs (gate to source voltage). In JFET maximum pinch-off voltage occurs when Vgs=0, is applied. When Vgs is decreses from 0 V to negative value respectively the locus of pinch-off voltage corresponds to a parabola. Below pinch-off voltage when Vds (drain to source voltage) is increased, Id (drain current) increases proportionally, therefore JFET act as a variable resistor. pinch off voltage Output characteristics of n-channel JFET with Vgs (gate to source voltage) = 0 and Vgs (gate to source voltage) <0
Answered by PREETAM KUMAR DEWANGAN of Chhattisgarh, India

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